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Jagro opened its doors in 2003, revolutionizing the local agriculture industry & changing its landscape. Over the years, we have consistently incorporated best practices into our operations, minimizing the use of pesticides & fertilizer, actively monitoring our impact on the environment and following a stringent quality management process to bring you only the best produce we can grow.

Our Mission & Vision

Jagro is a family owned, Sri Lankan company that has become a cutting-edge organization in the field of agri-business in terms of Technology, Human Skills Development, Management and Business Practices. We pride ourselves in being universally recognized as such. 

We continuously seek opportunities that provide for knowledge transfer, investing in extensive R&D projects and the development of our human capital.

Our Process

Over the years, we have tried and tested many plant varieties and growing mediums, in multiple locations, under different growing conditions and at all times of the year to arrive at plant varieties that will give us the best possible output in terms of size, taste, texture, color and shelf life – in other words, the best possible strawberry we can give you, year-round!

During this process, we have acquired expert knowledge on plant breeding, ideal growing conditions for optimal output in our tropical climate and established year-round supply to both local and international markets.

Quality Management

We have defined the local strawberry industry by investing in a broad range of farming techniques and committing to best agricultural practice. An active research program aimed at breeding disease-resistant nursery stock, advanced soil analysis techniques for managing the plant growing process and clearly defined quality control procedures, have borne us results. All our berries leave our packhouses graded by size and quality, stamped with a batch code that enables traceability down to the planting bed.

Applying Effective Integrated Pest Management Systems

Jagro also uses advanced pest management techniques that aim to provide effective pest control and manage disease by employing natural solutions as a combat mechanism, wherever possible. We have trained Agronomists who monitor the proper use of fungicides, comply with the Maximum Residual Levels recommended by manufacturers where chemicals are applied and routinely obtain phytosanitary certification for export shipments.

Supply Chain

At Jagro, we are committed to delivering premium quality berries. We have invested in our own cold chain facilities, managing the entire process from field to fork. Every phase of our production and distribution process is closely monitored through a coding system that enables traceability back to the green house and planting bed.

Our trained field staff carefully supervise the picking process. They conduct routine checks to ensure the quality of each berry harvested. When the berries arrive at the packhouse, they are chilled to remove damaging field heat, packed into punnets (based on customer specification), labelled and transferred into cold rooms. We aim to place all our produce on grocery shelves withing 36 hours of harvesting, actively managing the cold chain to provide a shelf life of 7 – 10 days.

Once the sorting and packing process is completed, the fruit is shipped out for local distribution, to the airport for export shipments and to processing centers for production of Jam, Topping & Frozen fruit, using our own fleet of reefers.


We are an ISO 22000 certified company that has incorporated industry best practices and Quality Management Systems into our operations, enabling us to market our line of premium produce the world over.