At Jagro, we also grow a variety of lettuces, bell peppers and cherry tomatoes - a salad basket, grown free of chemicals, for the whole family to enjoy.

The Growing Process

We are proud of the fact that we have managed to cultivate our fresh vegetables using a combination of the following growing methods, eliminating the need for chemicals harmful to both humans and the environment. The technologies used here are the most modern techniques applied in today’s farming and Jagro is one of the first cultivators to bring this knowledge to Sri Lanka.

Our vegetables are grown hydroponically, without the use of soil. The nutrients that the plants normally derive from the soil are simply dissolved into water instead. The plant’s roots are suspended in a nutrient solution so that it can derive the elements it needs for growth

How it works

Jagro also adopts a Nutrient Film Technique to grow much of its produce, where a constant flow of nutrient solution is pumped into the growing tray which flows over the roots of the plants, and then drains back into a reservoir.

How it works

In our effort to be a responsible corporate citizen and adopt best practices, Jagro has invested in setting up an Integrated Pest Management system which actively studies the habits and lifecycles of the common pests encountered in the growing of strawberries, along with their likes & dislikes, identifying their travel patterns and finding their home bases in order to use the information to combat pests in the least intrusive and harmful manner possible.

We use this information to first try and exclude them from the growing area, wherever possible. If this fails, we attempt to remove their sources of food, water and shelter or break their travel pattern, using the least toxic methods first and only resorting to pesticides in the last instance.